Forgive me to use Filipino words to give a title for this blog. Honestly, I’ve been googling for a translation of this in english but I couldn’t find anywhere.

But I think you are familiar with this scenario. Let’s say you are playing in a chess tournament, and you have a winning advantage and you can simplify your play to an endgame. But you committed ONE simple blunder, and that made you lose the game instead in the end.

It is just the same at work. When you know for yourself that you are doing great in your work, but then you make one simple mistake and it blows up everything else into more complicated issues.

Maybe that’s the reason why some of us would come up with the idea and make it a life decision to live a simple life. A definition of a simple life is living your whole life avoiding troubles or misunderstandings with others. You could also say that a simple life is to live self-sufficiently. But this could also mean living your life avoiding risks and challenges. Because it is part of life to encounter troubles; it’s just not right to say that to live a simple life will be problem-free.