Hello, This is You From The Past!

I am blogging these incidents that happened during the week or even earlier.

  1. Our guest came to our site office and caught one of our colleagues using his personal phone mostly during the day. I just learned later that this issue was escalated to our manager in the US.

  2. During the week, I was mostly busy figuring out this particular task I am working on. Basically, we accept csv files from suppliers to parse and upload it on our database. But this particular csv file contains lots of weird characters, weird values or garbled data. I had to do testing the parsing of csv file and fix the logic and behavior until the process totally works fine.

  3. I reset my personal laptop to factory settings because the wifi adapter drivers are not functioning properly. When you encounter the error message saying “Error code 10”, that means that the drivers are corrupted and may need to download the drivers from the official site and install it again. SO I did that and everything works again. But because the laptop is reset, all the software I had previously installed before are gone.